Study Confirms Happiness Is Found On The Dance floor

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Study Confirms Happiness Is Found On The Dance floor

Just in case you aren’t looking forward to this weekend enough check out this study confirming the correlation between “well being” and dancing around with your mates.

The study, conducted by Deakin University School of Psychology in Victoria Australia, explores the relationship between habitual music engagement and subjective well being, or SWB, a term defining life satisfaction levels *intended* to be used at policy and government levels (ATTN: Mike Baird)

Participants were asked series of questions about their general life satisfaction such as standard of living, health, achieving in life, relationships, safety, community connection, and future security, on a 0–10 scale.

Participants were also asked questions around their music “engagement”  through a series of yes/no questions about whether or not they listened to music, played an instrument, sang, danced, created or composed music, and/or attended musical concerts, theatre or events.

Results showed that compared to participants who did not report dancing, those who danced reported significantly higher scores for satisfaction with health, achieving in life, relationships, and community.

The tests also revealed that those who reported dancing with others had significantly higher scores than those who did not dance based on satisfaction with health, achieving in life, and relationships. Also, males who danced with others reported higher satisfaction with relationships than those who danced alone.

So get out there ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys. Put in your cardio, bond with your friends and neighbours, fall in love and make all your dreams come true on the dance floor this weekend.


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