London Nightclub Fabric Needs Your Help

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London Nightclub Fabric Needs Your Help

Following the tragic deaths of two attendees at the well-renowned London nightclub, Fabric has had its operations suspended and its doors shut for the past two weeks, and is now set to have their license reviewed.

On the 12th August the club announced that they will be closing for the weekend in order to aid with London city police into investigating how two 18 year-old boys had died by drug overdose within the venue. Fabric has had its doors closed since.

The nightclub is now independently “reviewing all of our procedures to ensure [they] have the best possible processes in place to keep [their] customers safe” (Fabric, Facebook), and is at risk of being permanently shut down by the Islington Borough Council.


(A post by Fabric on their Facebook page.)

Since opening in 1999 Fabric has adopted the most effective techniques to reduce harm and prevent drug-related crime on their premises (Fabric, Facebook), and has even been credited by District Judge Allison in a court judgment as a “beacon of best practice” in regards to their zero tolerance policy on drugs.

What can you do to help one of London’s most influential and historical nightclubs from closing? There is a petition you can sign, which has already amounted over 29,500 signatures, and is addressed to the newly appointed Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. You can sign it here.

Let’s hope this isn’t another knee-jerk reaction that we have seen so much in our own Australian cities, like Sydney and Brisbane’s lock out laws. Let’s help keep a thriving nightlife alive across the globe.

Source: fabriclondon on Facebook.


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