Lockout Law Review Delayed, But It’s Not All Bad News

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Lockout Law Review Delayed, But It’s Not All Bad News

We’ve all feverishly been waiting for the independent review of the Lockout Laws, headed up by former Justice of the High Court Ian Callinan, which was due this month but has been dealt a slight delay… but it’s not all bad news!

The extension of two weeks will mean the review on the archaic lockout laws introduced two years ago will be delivered September 13th after Mr Callinan requested a slightly longer window to further examine evidence according to the Liquor Review.

More importantly and a potentially positive outcome, to review the recent Supreme Court decision that led to removal of lockout laws for 8 venues in the CBD on the weekend.

Sydney Mayor Clover Moore also stepped into the ring with an impassioned write-up regarding the effects the lockout laws have had on the city and the need to look for more constructive measures including 24-hour transport.

The delay also falls in line with a decision by the ACT Government to knock back ‘night club fees’ that were largely seen as lockout laws in disguise with Cabinet Minister Shane Rattenbury saying he would not support a plan that would deprive Canberra’s thriving nightlife and entertainment scene.

While it has taken two years to come to a head it feels like the mood is changing regarding the lockout laws with a 15,000 person rally in February, over 1,800 submissions for the reviewdebate in NSW Parliamentsupport from actors and celebrities and in turn a chance to return this city back to it’s once global status!

The time is now to support Keep Sydney Open and let NSW Premiere Mike Baird know that people do care about their freedoms and nightlife!


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