ANGELZ’s Gets Experimental On ‘Saint Thug’ EP

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ANGELZ’s Gets Experimental On ‘Saint Thug’ EP

Words By Sarah Tonkin

ANGELZ dropped a massive EP earlier this month and it goes hard!

The Quebec native graced us with four huge tracks making his Saint Thug EP one remarkable project. Crew, ATBWFM, Stunt and Want It All boasts catchy bass-lines and hooks while fusing elements from house and garage creating a cohesive flow.

You can pick out the industrial inspirations following bent metallic sounds and glitches in ANGELZ‘s productions, pushing this EP to go beyond any of his past work. The textures and layers add a whole new and thrilling dimension to Saint Thug. ANGELZ continues to grow as an artist and it’s evident in this EP. It’s a must listen from start to finish.

Saint Thug is out now via future house pioneer Tchami’s relatively new label Confession. You can¬†catch ANGELZ¬†playing at The Met in Brisbane this Friday, where the EP will certainly be getting a rinse!

In the meantime, have a listen to this killer EP!


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