LO’99 talks us through the club classics that formed his sound

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LO’99 talks us through the club classics that formed his sound

LO’99 has become, over the past few years, a staple in the Australian clubbing world.

As one of the top dogs at Medium Rare Recordings, LO has built an impressive catalogue of club tracks, both originals and remixes, that you have more than likely whipped Shazam out in some dark venue at 2am for that sweet, sweet ID.

With his BIZNESS TOUR currently underway with a stop at The MET in Brisbane this Friday as well as his new single lined up for March 27, we caught up with LO’99 to learn a bit about his sound – particularly the classic club jams that he listened to coming up that were the influence for the path he chose.

We asked him to dig deeper than the obvious bigger classics from the likes of The Prodigy and Chemicals Brothers – who we’re sure are the staples in the LO’99 diet – and give us some lesser known club anthems that you might not know or haven’t heard in years.

Dive into his detailed list below, and click here for more info on Friday’s show.

Jammin – Go DJ

Prob one of my favourite records to play, I’m still playing this recently and its from 2001!! Zinc is an absolute legend – long live Bingo Beats!!!!!

Mosca – Bax

This one’s a lot newer than all these others I’ve listed here, but for me this record is an instant classic. When I was in the UK in 2011 I’d hear this record at least 3 times a day on the radio and in every club we’d walk near. It’s an absolute weapon to play too. This random as fuck.. but recently found out my homie Majestic is actually the guy on the vocal sample.

Azzido Da Bass – Dooms Night (Timo Mass Remix)

Not much needs to be said about this record, it was basically one of those records that EVERY dj could play.. house guys, breaks guys, tech guys.. anthem and a half!!

Switch – A Bit Patchy

My favourite Switch jam, still playing this now – so fucking sick!

XTC – Functions On The Low

Possibly the biggest grime classic, most people reading this probably know it as the backing for Stormzy’s Shut Up but its proper classic from 2004 I think.

187 Lockdown – Gunman

Classic and jammmmmmmmmmmmmm.. it’s from 1998 but I could still play this on the weekend!

The Count & Sinden – Beeper (Fake Blood Remix)

The OG was just as big as this remix for me back then, but Fake Blood innitttt so thought I’d include that version here 🙂

Solid Groove – This Is Sick

This is actually also Switch – a side project of his.. I’ve been playing this one out again over the last year.

BBK – Too Many Men

What a tunnnnne.. I used to make beats like this too but never got any bars on them. Myself & Sinden have now got tunes incoming with Capo Lee & Scruffizer coming, might dig out the old projects.

Fatboy Slim – Star 69

For many people there’s plenty bigger Fatboy Slim records, but this is the one for me.. I used to try and mix it when I first started DJs. Pretty amazing I’m able to do an official remix of it now come 2018. Listen to my take on it here if you haven’t. I tried to keep the vibe but update for what I’m playing now.. dropped the BPM somewhat too haha.

Elektronauts – Bumper (Plump Djs Vocal Mix)

Dunno why but this really really resonated with me when it came out and I think its my favourite Plump DJs jam… it’s not on Spotify but I opened a throwback breaks minimix I did for an Insomniac show, which also includes my favourite Staton Warriors jam – a remix of Apollo 400 and The Beatnuts, peep both & many other classics here.

DJ Shadow – Midnight In A Perfect World

Not really a club club thing.. but I’d say DJ Shadow’s Entroducing is my #1 album of all time so thought I’d end the feature with something chill – If you haven’t listened to this album sort yourself out asap 🙂

Dig his choices? Check out LO’99’s full BIZNESS TOUR schedule below.


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