Check Out The Rare Nintendo Playstation Prototype

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Check Out The Rare Nintendo Playstation Prototype

With today’s news that Nintendo’s next generation console, the Nintendo NX, would revert back to the company’s glory days of cartridge based gaming over discs, the internet gods have once again delivered a perfectly timed blast from the past.

While we’re all very familiar with Sony’s gaming market dominator the Playstation, and Nintendo’s SNES, did you know that at one stage they birthed an illegitimate child that was never to be heard from again? A little over a year ago, father and son Terry and Dan Diebold discovered the so far only known prototype of a partnered Nintendo and Sony console – the Sony Nintendo Super Disc, after Terry won it in an office contents auction a la Storage Wars.

To summarise, reasonably quickly – following on from Nintendo’s success with the SNES, they hoped to move into the realm of CDs, and consequently joined forces with Sony. Long story short, it all fell apart, and the two companies parted ways. While Nintendo started to focus entirely on the production and release of the still cartridge based Nintendo 64, Sony had learned its lesson, and started to work with discs. A few years later, and the Playstation One was born, and the world hasn’t been the same since.

Flash forward to now, and the father son duo have taken the prototype to Youtube tech dude Ben Heck, in an attempt to bring it back to life. While sadly no games for the console exist (atleast as far as we know now) – opting for some Street Fighter as a fitting alternative – the restoration videos are a fun little history lesson on an area of lesser known gaming history.



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