Major Label pens deal to monetise unofficial remixes

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Major Label pens deal to monetise unofficial remixes

Words by James Pepper

Sony may have just revolutionised the online-streaming industry with a recent partnership being struck between the record label and a rights clearance organisation.

The organisation is called Dubset, who will be in charge of indexing Sony’s catalogue so that any artists signed to the Sony record label will be now able to have unofficial remixes or uncleared samples available to now stream via music-streaming platforms. It is rumoured that Dubset are on the verge of signing two more deals with Universal and Warner.

The excitement that comes with these deals does not come with no detriment, as everyone’s beloved Soundcloud may be negatively impacted due to the music-streaming continually thriving as a platform that hosts many producer’s unofficial remixes.

On the flip side, online music store Discogs recently announced they will be clamping down on the sale of unofficial remixes and bootlegs as a way to ensure they support the artists.

What do you make of it all? Is this a smart move from Sony?



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