SoundCloud Introduces New ‘Albums’ Feature

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SoundCloud Introduces New ‘Albums’ Feature

SoundCloud has announced they will be introducing an ‘Albums’ format for artists.

The popular streaming service, renowned for its track-by-track uploads, have been making a lot of changes over the past 6 months – more recently with their introduction of the ‘Discover’ feature – with their latest addition allowing artists to upload full albums as a compiled project.

This new feature of SoundCloud is visibly quite similar to it’s ‘Playlist’ feature, in terms of compiling music under a title, however SoundCloud has explained the change comes with the natural evolution of streaming that has lead to album’s becoming more popular that single track uploads.

Any ‘Albums’ uploaded to SoundCloud will be searchable by users, and will be found under the ‘Collection’ tab on the homepage.

Via Mixmag


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