ELDRS releases their first original track

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ELDRS releases their first original track

Aussie four piece electronic group ELDRS have shared a huge original track ‘TELEGRAPHY’,  following a cluster=of covers together upon their formation in 2014.

‘TELEGRAPHY’ combines airy synths and swelling pads with moving vocals, creating an ominous atmosphere with a hint of pop and R&B influence. With ELDRS EP already completed and yet to be released, we are given a taste via their new single of what style and vibe we are expecting from the rest of their projects.

‘TELEGRAPHY’ goes into depth musically creating flowing harmonies within a well-written structure. With the group received a positive response to their previous work that was uploaded on to Soundcloud so with their EP ready to drop, these talented producers definitely have a successful year ahead of them.

Check them out on Soundcloud here! and listen to their latest offering below.


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