Sidechains resident ‘SORTAGOTH’ drops bass-heavy new track

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Sidechains resident ‘SORTAGOTH’ drops bass-heavy new track

Words by Sarah Tonkin

SORTAGOTH. Remember the name.

Sydney’s very own Jessica Chapman has just shared her first track under her DJ name SORTAGOTH. Jess has definitely made a statement for herself playing out regularly as a resident DJ at Sydney’s well-respected Sidechains events run by Denzel Sterling. Now, Jess has just released one hell of a bass-heavy track.

‘Latex’ blends elements of jersey club and footwork together added with intricate percussion and chopped vocal edits. When listening to the track, you can pick out the vocals sampled from UK based producer SOPHIE‘s track ‘Hard’. It’s fast-paced, extremely catchy and has a huge underground vibe to it.

‘Latex’ boasts SORTAGOTH’s production skills and you can hear it clearly in her track. The best way to describe it is that it’s absolutely mental and there’s so much attention paid to the little details such as vocal editing, sampling and the dynamic changes throughout the tune.

If you’re a fan of footwork, jersey, club and/or baltimore music, lend your ears to this one. You’re going to love it.


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