Just A Gent Shares A ‘Heavy’ Hitting Remix EP

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Just A Gent Shares A ‘Heavy’ Hitting Remix EP

Local legend Just A Gent has been smashing it, his track “Heavy As  A Heartbreak” became an anthem and he’s now released an EP of dubby remixes that hit a little harder than the original track.

The remixes come in a few different shapes and sizes with a bunch of guys from the United States weighing in, including the likes of Miami based producer Lookas, PLS&TY and a few others.

All of them do a stellar job, with a nice set of dubstep and trap sounds. But it’s hard to say if any of them do it better than Just A Gent.

Just A Gent will hopefully be dropping some of these doozy reworks this weekend at The Met in Brissy. For now, give them a listen and tell us how you think they fare against the original!

Anthony V  Serrano

(My personal fave is the Syntact remix)


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