Soundcloud Introduces Stations

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Soundcloud Introduces Stations

SoundCloud has just introduced its new Station feature which imitates the “Related Tracks” component of their full website. The new feature has been introduced within the iOS and Android version of their app, which will make it easier to discover new tracks.

Stations looks to be SoundCloud’s attempt to keep up with Apple Music and Spotify’s algorithm-based radio features. Soundcloud allows users to develop individual stations from single tracks or search terms which can then be saved to a user’s collection.

Soundcloud is taking baby steps to get back on top of the streaming platform game – recently completing a licensing deal with Universal Music group in early January. Soundcloud are looking at moving into a paid subscription service later in the coming year with the introduction of more advertisements also imminent.

If you’ve already got the SoundCloud app installed, the update is available to you now. If you haven’t got it installed, it can be found in the iOS App Store or on Google Play


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