Route 94 Needs Better Phone Coverage On His Australia Tour

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Route 94 Needs Better Phone Coverage On His Australia Tour

At the tender age of 22, Route 94 is on a path to success unlike most millenials his age who are, well, too busy sending weird filtered selfies on Snapchat to be achieving very much. Once he released his deep house banger, ‘My Love’ featuring the effervescent Jess Glyne his life took an unexpected turn, catapulting him into MTV-worthy stardom. With his new found success he finds himself on the road, deeply unsure of the best phone carriers in the UK, tweeting some shade at the Three network:

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 3.30.25 pm

With the power of stardom comes great network suggestions and we are sending our prayers his way. We hope Route 94 can get the best coverage and data plan possible, even if it is just for Snapchat. He’ll be heading down our way this February so we can only hope Telstra does our country proud.

Tour Dates

Friday 19th February: Brown Alley, Melbourne

Saturday 20th February: Grand Hotel, Wollongong

Saturday 20th February: Chinese Laundry, Sydney

Sunday 21st February: King Street Hotel, Newcastle

Tuesday, 23rd February: Hullabaloo Festival, Dunedin

Wednesday, 24th February: Hullabaloo Festival, Christchurch

Thursday, 25th February: Hullabaloo Festival, Auckland

Friday, 26th February: Mr Wolf, Canberra

Friday, 26th February: The Met, Brisbane

Saturday, 27th February: The Helm, Caloundra

Sunday 28th February: Matise, Perth


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