5 Timeless Route 94 Remixes

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5 Timeless Route 94 Remixes

London producer Route 94 is back on our shores, currently wrapping up his massive nation-wide tour for that matter.

We took the time to take a look back through some of our favourite remixes from the heavy hitting house connoisseur, to pay some musical respect to this lord.

You can still catch Route 94 this weekend before his tour finishes up, as he’ll be playing at the The Met on Saturday night in Brisbane.

Check out our handpicked, Top 5 remixes to vibe too today, courtesy of Route 94!

1. Katy B – 5 AM (Route 94 Remix)

2. Ali Love – Picture Perfect (Route 94 Remix)

3. Skream – Rollercoaster feat. Sam Frank (Route 94 Remix)

4. Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Route 94 Remix)

5. MK – Always ft. Alana (Route 94 Remix)


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