Route 94 lets us in on his medium rare steak secrets, how it feels to be number 1 and “disposable tech house beats”

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Route 94 lets us in on his medium rare steak secrets, how it feels to be number 1 and “disposable tech house beats”

Route 94 is young, exciting and at the top of his game. Ahead of his Melbourne show I was able to squeeze in a few questions with the rising star and find out more about the mysterious wunderkind.

We’re super excited to have you back in Australia, you’re returning after 2 years. What did you like the last time you were here? Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to doing when you’re back this time?

The sunshine and good vibes, I love Australia!! I am looking forward to some good food and seeing some of my friends that are from across the pond that I don’t get to see often.

I’ve read that you’re a really good cook, what’s your speciality dish? Do you miss cooking now you’re on tour a lot or do you manage to squeeze it in when you can?

I don’t really find that much time anymore, but when I do I go all out…my speciality is steak for sure. First you have to source the best possible quality meat, then season with 40% smoked salt, 40% sea salt, 20% pepper. Don’t be afraid to season your meat well, salt is key. If you’re not using a fire (which is the best way to do it) make sure that your pan is so hot that it’s smoking. Put the steak in and then turn every 2 minutes until it’s how you like it. Depending on the size of your steak, it should cook in about 10-12 mins, medium rare. Serve with stilton hollandaise, grilled bone marrow, buttered greens and whatever potatoes I am feeling that day (chips, mash, dauphinoise etc..)

‘My Love’ is a great track, actually one of my favourites to dance around the house to. This was probably around the time Jess Glynne was fairly unknown, how did you manage to link up with her?

To be honest it was a pretty brief thing, my manager found her and then we just jumped in the studio for a day.

You’ve been a part of the Rinse crew, signed to OWSLA and toured the world extensively with a bunch of your musical peers. Have you become particularly good friends with anyone? Have you been starstruck by anyone yet?

I’ve been doing this since I was about 16 so it doesn’t really phase me, they are all just normal people. So I’ve never been starstruck but I am still waiting for the day where I meet Adele…
Someone I have always been close with from the start is Skream, he’s like my big bro.

In fact, you’re story is really interesting for two reasons; firstly, there’s a lot of mystery to it but more than that you’re quick rise to fame is incredible. How did you meet people and get your tracks out there to the right people with such efficiency? Or are these guarded secrets haha…

To be honest it was not a quick rise to fame at all that’s just what people see. I have been working hard since I was a pup. I was lucky enough to meet some great people at parties and through friends that helped me to get my tracks out there. Other than that, soundcloud, facebook, all the usual shit really!

In an interview with Attack Magazine in 2014, when asked about how you felt about getting a UK number 1, you said “It didn’t feel as great as I thought it would”. I thought that was interesting, I mean what would have made it feel better? Do you think you felt that way because you were young or is getting a number one no big deal to you?

I think it’s because it’s not something that I have ever aspired to have. I had some friends that did really well with chart success and that made me want to have some big records, but when I actually got a number 1, I realised that I wanted it because it was dangled in front of me and not because it was something that I deeply wanted to achieve in life. But yeah it’s great, I have a big metal number 1 trophy that I use as an incense holder…

It’s been a while since you released any music under your Route 94 moniker. Do you plan on releasing anything new soon or have you been producing for other artists? What are your future plans in terms of your music career?

I have been working with a number of people on their projects which is exciting for me to try and help other people. I have also been making loads of my own tracks and playing with all of my studio equipment that I have been collecting, I have some really interesting old synths, drum machines and hardware which will help me form a unique sound; this, and working with other artists on their music has made me realise that I want to do an album instead of making disposable tech house beats that people play for about 2 weeks then no one gives a shit about anymore.

‘Route 94’ is a reference to Detroit and Chicago’s roots in house music – now you’re over 21 have you had a chance to head out there and check out the clubs and get amongst the richness of all the culture and history they have to offer?

Yeah I have been more than lucky enough to go to America quite a few times. However, Europe is where it’s at for me. I have had many conversations with people from different nations, we have spoken about creations, and musical alienation…haha nah I’m talking shit…
I think, for me, America has the roots but a lot of people seem to have forgotten especially young Americans in my age group. I have had this conversation with a lot of Americans who agree with me but most of them are 25+

If you had an evil spell cast on you where you couldn’t make, listen or even read about music for a week, what would you do?
I would probably book a flight to Australia and come hang out with you guys on the beach!!!

Tour Dates

Friday 19th February: Brown Alley, Melbourne

Saturday 20th February: Grand Hotel, Wollongong

Saturday 20th February: Chinese Laundry, Sydney

Sunday 21st February: King Street Hotel, Newcastle

Tuesday, 23rd February: Hullabaloo Festival, Dunedin

Wednesday, 24th February: Hullabaloo Festival, Christchurch

Thursday, 25th February: Hullabaloo Festival, Auckland

Friday, 26th February: Mr Wolf, Canberra

Friday, 26th February: The Met, Brisbane

Saturday, 27th February: The Helm, Caloundra

Sunday 28th February: Matise, Perth


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