BBC Releases Retro Rave Documentaries

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BBC Releases Retro Rave Documentaries

The BBC has released a handful of documentaries that focus around raving; giving us insight into the history, the people and the culture that is the rave world.

A new instalment into BBC’s exploration into different music worlds – which has delved into both Hip-Hop and Electronic music in the past – the BBC has taken an in depth look into the cult like fascination of Rave culture, portrayed through 6 quite informative docs.

In there own words “these six docs cover Spiral Tribe, The Haçienda, Belfast’s vibrant rave scene, the legendary drum ‘n’ bass label Ram Records, the drum break that became the foundation of countless classic club tunes, and, finally, the drug so closely associated with rave culture, ecstasy.”

Check out the first instalment below, that features ‘The Peep Show‘s David Mitchell expressing his love for rave culture. it might not be all that true, It’s worth a good laugh.

You can stream the rest HERE.


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