Four Tet delivers charged up mixtape

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Four Tet delivers charged up mixtape

Four Tet dropped an exclusive mixtape with the BBC after the recent UK election in which Boris Johnson and the tories convincingly won. This was even after a huge push from the British music community to vote labor including a noticeable spike in registration following Stormzy’s personal efforts.

The results definitely polarised young voters who were encouraged by the BBC to call in and leave a message on their thoughts in the aftermath of the election.

Simple slogans and well thought out, considered replies pepper the 20-minute or so podcast with Four Tets minimal electronic sounds bubbling underneath for a charged up mix.

It’s poignant, reflective and maybe a sobering reminder that what happens now will affect generations for years to come and that electronic music has and will continue to play a part in curating that story. Check out the mix on the BBC site here.

If you’re in the mood for some slightly more upbeat Four Tet, dive into his obscure wingdings release from November or his beautiful ‘Anna’s Painting’ EP from September that we’ve been playing non-stop.

Now… when is Four Tet heading back to Australia??


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