Seth Troxler Feeds The Homeless At ADE

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Seth Troxler Feeds The Homeless At ADE

World class producer, DJ, and all round good dude Seth Troxler is a household name among house fans all over the globe. It’s true that some people are badly affected by fame, but Seth is not one of those people. We reported a couple weeks back that he would be cooking for the homeless at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event). Now, he’s uploaded a video to Facebook of himself doing exactly that, alongside charity 10,000 HOURS and Rainbow Group. It’s full of poignant discussion about poverty and what everyone can do to help those in need.

As a guy who grew up poor, Seth’s got plenty to say on the issue, and implores other people to do their bit to help. “The world is not good for everybody, but that doesn’t make everybody not equal, or not valuable. The struggle is real, for some a lot more than others. But, you can take your time, and give your time to help those, because they’re just people trying to give a little bit of love in this world.”

not everyone gets dealt the same hand in life but that doesn’t make anyone less equal or valuable. this vid sums up the amazing time we had with 10,000 HOURS cooking for homeless people in amsterdam

Posted by Seth Troxler on Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Big ups Seth – hopefully this video does something to encourage more artists and fans to get out there and help anyone in any way that they can, no doubt it will. Get among 10,000 HOURS here and do your bit.


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