Seth Troxler drops over 300 hours of chugging DJ mixes

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Seth Troxler drops over 300 hours of chugging DJ mixes

Seth Troxler has certainly earned a place as a formidable selector over the years with his sets often filled with chugging cuts of house, techno, disco and world beats.

That’s why news of over 300 hours of DJ sets from Mr Troxler spanning 13 years of his illustrious career from all over the world has certainly piqued spirits at Stoney HQ!

This wasn’t a community-led effort like the recent news of Andrew Weatherall’s ‘The Weatherdrive’ but a direct upload from the man himself who described the move to release the treasure trove of mixes;

“There have been a lot of my mixes uploaded to the various corners of the internet over the years & I’ve also been storing a whole lot more on my drive without any intention of ever releasing them. Given the current pandemic however I thought it would be nice to collate all these mixes into one mega-playlist.

“Most are amazing, some are ok, and some are from another world. It’s my desire that fans can find a moment that touched them on the dancefloor, unlock special memories of better days long forgotten whilst creating new ones at home.”

What great timing for some at-home ISO-raving! Check out the mixes below and here.


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