Scuba Delivers Afterparty Style Techno Essential Mix

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Scuba Delivers Afterparty Style Techno Essential Mix

Stepping up for BBC Radio 1 in the latest Essential mix is Hotflush Recordings founder Scuba. Flipping your average set right on it’s head, Scuba begins the mix with the same approach to when he’s playing a headliner slot then eases up towards the back end as if the night is winding down and the sun is coming up. Scuba explains;

“This mix is a summation of the kind of sets I’ve most enjoyed playing recently. End of the night slots where I’ve got a lot of space to play around, from a peak time starting point to an almost after hours kind of finish.”

The mix is jam packed with new and exclusive material, many of which are courtesy of his Hotflush Records amigos including techno titans Alan Fitzpatrick and Paul Woolford. Unsurprisingly, there are also tracks and unheard remixes from his fourth full-length album ‘Claustrophobia’ (check it out HERE).

The mix showcases a unique balance between thumping kick drums and dance floor ambiance, providing a soundtrack for headphone listeners and party enthusiasts alike.

01 Scuba – Why You Feel So Low [HOTFLUSH]
02 Stretching Skin – Femme En Fourrure & South London Ordnance
03 Sr – Kamera
04 Just Whisper – Vin Sol
05 Orbit – Paul Woolford
06 Still Early – Andrew Bird
07 Ether Ether – Cassegrain & Tin Man
08 Stead Fast Drum Work – Tallmen785
09 Asphalt Splash – South London Ordnance
10 Why You Feel So Low (function Remix) – Scuba
11 Gravity – Agoria & Nicolas Becker
12 U Said U – Alan Fitzpatrick
13 Stellar – Alex Niggemann
14 Avebury – Appleblim
15 Family Entertainment (Ø [phase] Remix) – Scuba
16 Sewer System – Auden
17 Riding The Void – Atom
18 Falling Down – Alan Fitzpatrick
19 Drift (mr Tophat & Art Alfie Remix) – Scuba
20 Pcp (audion Remix) – Scuba
21 Curfew – John Osborn & Tallmen785
22 Horus – Locked Groove
23 Severed Seven – Boddika & Joy Orbison
24 Finish Me – Endian
25 Off The Map (locked Groove Remix) – Pisetzky
26 Transcience (tuff City Kids Remix) – Scuba
27 Perfect Potion – Editions Haighton
28 Celeste – Bicep
29 Colour Exp – Graze


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