Four Tet drops unexpected tracks in new Essential Mix

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Four Tet drops unexpected tracks in new Essential Mix

Following the signature earthy tones and loose rhythms of his latest full-length album New Energy, Kieran Hebden, otherwise known as Four Tet is on the ball once again, as his ever evolving style of dance music proves to be more sought after than ever, aided with a new live show that’s been labelled one of the most innovative of all time. In the Friday past, the enigmatic producer has aired his first essential mix in 8 years, unexpectedly dropping tracks from the likes of Basement Jaxx, Destiny’s Child, Selena Gomez and of course, Britney Spears.

Despite the cerebral and sincere nature of the London producer’s output, Four Tet has been acknowledged in the past for his cryptic online quirks, including dropping the disco track ‘Question’ on a whim and uploading random tracks onto his SoundCloud without explanation, not to mention spawning a huge meme last year after posting an image of the gear he used to produce his latest album. In the new year, Hebden reveals his inner-eccentricities with his Radio 1 essential mix which flawlessly marries UK garage and rave grooves with the most famed names in pop music, all packed in amongst some unreleased tracks from Hebden himself.

Given a producer with such a serious, dedicated fanbase who is often associated with the likes of Massive Attack and Burial, the mix has been praised nonetheless, as Hebden has once again demonstrated the sheer versatility of his sound. Check out Four Tet’s Radio 1 Essential Mix here.


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