Damn right Mark Ronson, Australians Are Heaps Cool!

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Damn right Mark Ronson, Australians Are Heaps Cool!

In Oz on the promotional tip making sure everyone under the rock has finally heard Uptown Funk for the sixty billionth time (we’re still bumping the Benji B Mix though)

With a strong Australian presence on his latest album ‘Uptown Special’ featuring the likes of Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker and guitarist Kirin J Callinan, Mark Ronson had some very kind words to say about the Australian music scene when talking to the local press:

“Basically, you have good taste. What’s cool is [Australian Artists] are always slightly left-field. Being so far from America [allows] them to have their own take on things. It’s just a little bit cooler than what everybody else is doing right now.”

The world’s eye is on Australian music across the spectrum and not just the electronic legends killing it everywhere right now but…that’s what we represent here at Stoney so we’re throwing the thumbs up to some next crop local legends that are kicking goals right now.

Our political system might be in the dumps, our clubs lockout at 1:30 and every other living other thing is trying to destroy us but our music is killing it. It’s something!


Human Movement

Goldie Locks


KUČKA (s/o to Paces)


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