Get around our top picks for BIGSOUND

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Get around our top picks for BIGSOUND

It’s almost that time of the year again, time for us to get around some lesser known Aussie acts as they flock to Brisbane for BIGSOUND.  With the final announcement just dropping, we’ve got a good amount of Electronic artists to pick from (as you’d expect from a 150+ lineup) so we’re going to give you 7 of our must sees!

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer, we’ve backed Paces for forever and will continue to do so!

No Mono
These guys out of Melbourne make some intense music, real in your face, thoughtful and soulful stuff!

Sydney based Mookhi has been making stylish electronic beats for a minute now and we’re hoping she continues to kill it!

Arno Faraji
This Perth based rapper and producer shot into the spotlight after winning Unearthed High and we’ve low key been following his smooth pulled back flow and anime referencing lyrics since!

To be completely honest, CLYPSO is a name we’ve only recently heard which means we haven’t been doing our jobs well enough! Fun dancey beats that go between afro, reggae and house mixed with a vocal full of attitude.

This young Melbourne artist has burst onto the scene with a classic pop sound, another overly talented multi-instrumentalist.

CXLOE blurs the lines between electronic and alternative, bouncing between the two with a pop vocal that’s something new.

You can check out the full lineup here so check it out and tell us who you think we missed!


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