Bromance – Homieland Vol. 1

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Bromance – Homieland Vol. 1

Our buds over a Bromance just released a cool collection of original tunes from the whole crew. Fittingly titled ‘Homieland‘ first compilation of the BMC team, feature a full stack from the team’s friends and family. Drawing tunes from near and far, the 19-tune, 2 CD set hosts artist previously released on Bromance, and producers close to the label. In addition to the usual suspects, the second ‘Friends’ CD sees Jimmy Edgar, Para One, and more with slots on the tracklist.

It’s super cool to see big man Brodinski lining it up like this. Inviting the crew in for a massive release, the double set is a floor filler. We’re still wondering when the Club Cheval dudes will string one together or what happened to dark dude Gesaffelstein. Mostly every name on the label makes an appearance including a recent single by the team new fav GENER8ION.

“I’ve always loved collaborating with other people because I get bored too easily. When working together, my head is fed all the time, new ideas come flying from all directions. The more projects I’m involved in the better. With Bromance, I’m taking the feeling to the next level.” – Brodinski

To follow up the global release, the collective is planning a fun-filled tour with loads of opportunities to experience Homieland. Including art exhibits, record shop hangs, pop-up shops, and surprise sets, the ten-stop show will feature exclusive experience with the trendsetting team. Make sure it the BMC dudes are heading near you keep your ears and eyes open for dope events with the Parisian kings of Bromance.

BMC Homieland Vol.1 Tracklist:


  1. GENER8ION ‘The New International Sound’
  2. Brodinski ft. SD ‘Can’t Help Myself’
  3. Louisahhh!!! & Maelstrom ‘Protection’
  4. Pipes ‘Punish It’
  5. Canblaster ‘Afterline’
  6. Sam Tiba feat. Sad Andy ‘Au Revoir’ (rap remix)
  7. Illangelo feat. St. Bartes ‘In My Head’
  8. Ateph Elidja ‘8Trauma’
  9. Panteros666 ‘Ho Erreur’
  10. Myd ‘Uberty’



  1. Sex Schön vs Sam Amant ‘Psycho Bitch’
  2. Jimmy Edgar ‘Frequency’
  3. Andre VII ‘Holy Muerte’
  4. Joefarr ‘Jetworks’
  5. Para One & Myd ‘Brooklyn’
  6. Jon Convex ‘New Scum’
  7. Distal ‘Go, Bang!’
  8. Richelle ‘Belee Dat’
  9. Suicideyear ‘Don’t Worry’


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