Wet – Move Me (TÂCHES Remix)

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Wet – Move Me (TÂCHES Remix)

As I am anonymous, I always find faceless producers to be extremely fascinating. Many musicians use their physical image to sell the brand of music, but at the end of the day it’s the music that should be the selling point. UK producer TÂCHES is a good friend and also one of the most talented UK House/Garage producers in the game right now. When you think of faceless producers in Deep House, the first name that most likely pops into your mind would be ZHU. TÂCHES has been around chilling in the darkness (referring to London) creating a plethora of some of the best under ground UK house music before ‘Faded’ even hit the market. ZHU chose TÂCHES to be apart of the official ‘Faded’ remix package which was released earlier this summer and His/Her/Its remix really stood out from all of the others.

His/Her/It’s most recent release is a remix of the ever so poplar Wet track titled ‘Move Me’ and its an absolute gem. Dive into the sound of the underground and make sure you’re standing up so you scan let those feet shuffle. Enjoy.

Who do you think TÂCHES is?


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