Nora En Pure – True

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Nora En Pure – True

Nora En Pure doesn’t release tracks often, but when she does, the Swiss Miss hits nothing but net. Following the “less is more” technique perfected by Flight Facilities, Nora En Pure appears a couple times a year to release uplifting, mellifluous productions that border the realms of house, disco, and the balearic.

Hot off the heels of “You Are My Pride” (one of the feel good tracks of the year), Nora En Pure is set to release a three track EP on July 21 titled True. The production on all her tracks is unique, flawless, and blends in symphonic piano elements and a hypnotic bass throughout.

It’s rare that a producer can deliver three tracks that capture a different vibe–and can be labelled a different genre–on one EP. But when a producer weaves in what has to be an authentic flute (or a really good effect) and some tribal bongos into her productions, that’s exactly what you get.

In this day and age when bedroom producers are turned into overnight sensations thanks to recycled cowbell samples and (over)hype, Nora En Pure is a refreshing diamond in the rough that can’t be confined to genre, but can be described with one word: ethereal.

The EP’s title track, “True”, embodies that word.

The next track  kind of sounds like one of those old uplifting Avicii house tracks that doesn’t suck with an unreal yazz flute portion that would make Baxter proud:

The third track on the EP possesses a more summery, top down Balearic vibe:


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