Dr Dre Is, But Isn’t Hip-Hops First Billionaire After Apple Acquirement of Beats By Dre

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Dr Dre Is, But Isn’t Hip-Hops First Billionaire After Apple Acquirement of Beats By Dre

Big news over the weekend were reports of Apples forray into headphone technology with a supposed $3.2 Billion dollar offer on the table for the marketable but not quite quality brand Beats By Dre.

Early celebrators were Dre himself who at the time was with actor Tyrese Gibson in the studio with the pair looking a little bit excited and more than a little bit buzzed in a short video uploaded to Youtube with the pair claiming Forbes’ somewhat reputable rich list needing a quick refresh with word of the Doctor becoming Hip Hop’s first billionaire.

The upload may have come a little too early with no official word from either party confirming the deal and scarier still, the video may have jeopardised the potential cash fall depending on any additional clauses that state no word of the deal should become public before signing. The video was actually removed from Tyreses Facebook as per lawyers request – Scary!

Further still an anonymous representative of Forbes has spilt details stating that Dre’s total owning of Beats By Dre equates to roughly $800 million, that after state and federal tax cuts that almost in half to $480 million and coupled with his assets means brings him back up to the $800 mark.. but still short of the billionaire status.

Stranger still is word of a silent investor into Beats By Dre by Australian bruiser and casino conglomerate Jamie Packer who reportedly invested up to $160 million into the company recently.

So at this stage we’re hanging out for a confirmation on the deal and what Dre’s total worth will be… either way it seems like all too much money for individuals to own or need. How about Dre gets back to making some music?


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