Watch: An Honest Look at Dr. Dre Headphones

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Watch: An Honest Look at Dr. Dre Headphones

ABC’s consumer product review show “The Checkout” frequently points out misconceptions and plain old lies presented to us by the companies we seem to fork cash to every other day. Recently, the checkout finally brought it upon themselves to scope out the Beats, by Dr Dre, originally released back in 2012.

After pointing out ridiculous claims presented all over the can’s website, such as “Hear music the way artists intended you to hear it” and “handcrafted by Dr. Dre”, The Checkout dives into the facts and gives an honest look at the headphones.

The Checkout revealed the basic workings of Dr. Dre’s headphones – a standard stereo speaker system, with preset equalizer settings – set by the Doctor himself. Claiming “It’s nothing more then the preset settings on your old cassette players”. Coming from a production background – any monitors that affect the audio signal by increasing or decreasing the levels of certain frequencies, ie Equalising, should be completed AVOIDED for any serious production or mixing use. Simply put – what you’re hearing isn’t what your device is playing.

Checkout the full video below to see how the headphones stacked up against others in the market!


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