Three Unmissable Acts At Coachella Weekend Two

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Three Unmissable Acts At Coachella Weekend Two

As Coachella weekend two kicks off, everyone and their hipster girlfriend are making the pilgrimage to Palm Springs. With summer in the air, festies of all shapes and sizes attend the multi-genre massive known for breaking unique performances. Daft Punk debuted a video with Pharrell, Tupac came alive as a hologram, and this year Outkast will spring back into the circuit.

Similar to a commercialized Pitchfork Festival, programmers draw an excellent blend of live performance and unique electronica. The famed Sahara tent plays host to producers and composers pushing the boundaries of electronic production. Kandi ravers and Orange County queens meet on the grassy dance floors of Palm Springs. Known for exclusive house parties, and late night shenanigans, the suburban landscape hosts party people from across the nation for two weekends of music.

Surely you don’t have the time to catch all of your favorite acts. Once you get in the mix, the chances are all bets are off for making that set you just couldn’t miss. With that in mind we wanted to pass along a few of our best bets. Tattoo them on your arm, use face paint, or even write on your festie companion’s back. If you aren’t able to make it to the party, keep watch on the live stream.

Flight Facilities


Much love for our Sydney homies as they trek the globe with a stellar set that will surely keep Palm Springs moving. As Flight Facilities self-proclaimed ‘biggest show to date’, they land to bridge the gap of Coachella’s diverse lineup. Boasting a fresh disco vibe, these Aussie’s are leading the charge with classic sounding groove.

If you have been living under a rock, the guys flew into the international scene after global success of hit single ‘Clair De Lune’ . Now jet-setting the world with smooth vibes in tow, these two disco pilots are a perfect addition to Coachella Festival. Perfectly fit to serenade any So-Cal mistress, we can predict Flight Facilities will be well received at the festival.

“We don’t entirely know what to expect but hopefully Coachella surprises us as much as we surprise them.”

At their debut Palm Springs show, the guys don’t quite know what to expect. We do know Coachella is in for a treat. If you see a couple of lost Aussie’s looking like they came from the golden age of flight, take a photo, buy them a drink, or at least say hello. Stop by the Sahara tent or tune in 2:20 p.m. PST Sunday to catch the high flying duo.

Jagwar Ma


Coincidentally, our next act to catch is another Australian group Jagwar Ma. Maybe there is something in the water around Sydney, but this experimental group has an indie vibe that seems to captivate the biggest artists. With remixes done by Matthew Dear, Cut Copy, Pachanga Boys, and more, Jagwar Ma’s originals have become a hot commodity for reworks. Signed to tastemaker label Future Classic, these guys are running with the crew to watch. With a bright outlook on the Coachella show, we can expect an exceptional performance in Palm Springs.

“It’s going to be like the lost boy’s banquet in the film ‘Hook’. A colorful exchange of insults and imaginary food fights.”

Their most recent delivery of the ‘Uncertainty’ remixes is a harmonic journey through pristine indie vocal work. As just another example of hot acts coming from down under, Jagwar Ma will make appearances at all of the usual suspects in the summer festival circuit. For Coachella, be sure to stop by the Gobi tent and show some love or catch them on the live stream 3:20 p.m. PST Friday.

Maceo Plex

Closing out Sunday night the American transplant Maceo Plex  of Spain will be bringing his own flavor of tech-house with a signature spice of funk amongst the swell of artists in Cali for the weekend.

Originally gaining popularity in the 90’s rave scene mixing up techno, house and electro he has since become known for his diverse originality and style. Some major early influences that inspired him in molding his current sound include modern funk theorists Model 500, Kenny Larkin and Injut Boyz to name a few. He has also been known to some as Maetrik with a darker techno sound to compliment personality.

His diverse and all-around approach throughout the years has given him the superb ability as a seasoned producer to keep the underground scene thoroughly in-step and vibrant with deep house sets filtered with hints of his Maetrik alias and vice-versa.

Now on the global stage after the release of the hit ‘Life Index’ album in 2011 his label Ellum Audio has been a success with a recent label party being live streamed during Miami music week. The roster includes the likes of Danny Daze, Maxxi Soundsystem and other up-and-comers.

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