Flight Facilities drop a monster remix pack of ‘The Ghost’

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Flight Facilities drop a monster remix pack of ‘The Ghost’

Despite the more restricted lifestyle in Australia, Flight Facilities continue to keep things flying with the latest remix pack of their grungy new banger. ‘The Ghost’.

This taking features Gerd Janson aka the founder of the famous German dance music label Running Back, as well as prominent UKLGBTQ+ DJ / producer ABSOLUTE.

Gerd Janson’s remix is a space-exploring disco thumper which is reminiscent of something you would have heard in the clubs in the mid norties. I couldn’t help but think of Tocadisco hits while listening to the rhythm and instruments used in this track.

ABSOLUTE.’s remix is much more baltimore club in its drum rhythms, topped with acid breaks influence. It’s fit for a Fatboy Slim set. Overall some very enjoyable listening for club dwellers and night ravers to eat into.


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