Stefan from Dada Life on the mend

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Stefan from Dada Life on the mend


After a backdoor exit that saw him having to fly back to the homeland for emergency surgery – Minister of Dada Land and all-round legend Stefan has announced he is on the mend.

Having to swoop from Miami just a day before Ultra began due to an unspecified abdominal condition – other half of Dada Life Ollie was left to fly solo at shows in Miami and Vegas, as specified in a recent press release;

We wanted to let everyone know that unfortunately Stefan has had to fly back to Sweden to have some urgent abdominal surgery. It has to be done now to prevent more serious conditions in the future, as of right now we don’t know the recovery time but will have a timeline from the doctors in the coming days and will keep you all posted.

Luckily for us and other Dada citizens, however, a new Instagram from the duos account shows Stefan all stitched up and on the mend. Although sporting a rather disdainful expression – we’re sure we would too if we had just had someone internally caressing our spleen –  he’s got thumbs up and is in ‘recovery mode’.

Peel them bananas and crack open dat champagne, we hope you feel better soon legend!



For more Dada Life action (and to see him in his soon to be re-attained healthy glory), check out our chat with Stefan at the Future Music Festival Sydney. We sincerely hope that our Vegemite peer pressuring had nothing to do with Stefan’s tummy turmoil – sorry bro!

[via Edm Sauce]



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