The Po Po Shut Down Dada Life Show In Miami

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The Po Po Shut Down Dada Life Show In Miami

Well, well, well… It appears resident bad boys Dada Life are at it again, but instead of their usual wacky adventures (consuming 8000 pounds of bananas and creating their own land), it seems these bad arses are sparking riots, sheesh!

Set to play along side Henry Fong and Tritonal at a show in Miami, Dada Land was overthrown by riot police who shut the show down due to chaos and riots, sparked by an overbooking of the venue Mana Production Village with ticket holders being turned away at the gates.

This isn’t the first time Dada Life have sparked anarchy, back in 2010 LA club Avalon overbooked their venue, ending with a riot police intervention and shut down.

There’s no doubt this is a bit more extreme than their previous pillow fight adventures, and Dada Life took to twitter to voice their disappointment, but in good faith the duo have plans to do a makeup show.


But we think Henry Fong probably said it best




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