Snoop mashes EDM and hip hop with new project, ‘LA Party Machine’

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Snoop mashes EDM and hip hop with new project, ‘LA Party Machine’

Snoop Dogg Mac Miller Photography Australia Sydney Voena Anthony Berlangieri-32

Just when we were thinking it was time for a new spirit animal for the Dogg to inhabit –  come in, Snoop Raver.

After a string of dipping and dabbling in the foray of dance music – whether it might be sweating it out with David Guetta, funking out with Dâm FunK, illchin’ with Boys Noize or dropping ye olde’ Euro Tekno mixes – the list goes on. Always one for a reincarnation of sorts, Snoop is about to spearhead his own dance project that may have been influenced by Skrillex’s " target="_blank">take on ‘Sexual Seducation’ back in 2011.

Self-described as an EDM and hip-hop love affair, the dogg-lion-zilla-whatever announced the project over instagram with the following image.


The caption states;

‘Comin soon. My new group!!!!!!!! EDM meets hip hop !! La Party Machine !!’

Crafty and cryptic as always, this is all the info that sneaky Snoop has given us for now, leaving us to question – what will Snoop pull out of the hat with this one?

Do you think he can make any headway for the emerging genre?


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