IKEA confirms the end of the Vinyl-Friendly ‘Expedit’ Shelving

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IKEA confirms the end of the Vinyl-Friendly ‘Expedit’ Shelving


Brows were furrowed earlier in the week when Swedish furniture giant IKEA hinted that they were going to discontinue the ‘Expedit’ – a hugely popular vinyl shelving solution to plastic lovers worldwide. The bad news is its true, IKEA will cease production of the ‘Expedit’ shortly much to the dissapointment of many.

With such an uproar from fans it was hard to avoid their opinion, prompting Ikea’s spokesperson Janice Simonsen to clarify the situation with the Huffington Post. Simonsen confirmed that while IKEA plans to stop selling its iconic “EXPEDIT” shelf and replace it with a different wall unit, vinyl lovers will not have to worry due to a similar shelving unit. The replacement shelf is called the KALLAX, which Simonsen said “has the same internal sizes and uses the same internal fittings.” It will also have rounded edges to be more child-friendly (phyew).

Simonsen is eager to let the vinyl-buying community know that they’ve not been forgotten, and Expedit’s replacement Kallax will have “the same internal sizes” and will use “the same internal fittings.” “I think our customers may be worried that they won’t have the wonderful function and flexibility that they had with EXPEDIT, but this is not the case,” said Simonsen.

We still worry that the internal pieces of ‘Kallax’ might not be able to hold up to the overall weight of a crap load of vinyl but surely wouldn’t replace a quality product with something inferior. Time will tell.

So whilst the Expedit will be dearly missed by mourning fans, it appears that IKEA are aware of the vinyl community being the products most popular customers and with that in mind; collectors will continue to store their prized LP’s for many years to come.

source: Huffington Post


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