How $200 Can Help You Build This Sweet DJ Booth

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How $200 Can Help You Build This Sweet DJ Booth

Got a spare $200 in your pocket? Near an IKEA? Then your in luck with one keen Youtuber giving us the run down on how to assemble a sweet DJ booth on a budget.

Aside from the thing looking way cool and being extremely practical (trust the Swedes) the video itself is actually the best bit with a calming voice guiding you through the nuts and bolts of this DIY delight that’ll fit your technics, monitors, laptop and so much more.

With the author actually a yank expect this to cost just a smidge more for Australian fans but none the less, a relatively simple project for the bedroom DJ to spice things up a little using just a handful of ready made products.

Who is up for some more custom DIY projects for the stay at home DJ?

source: Create Digital Music


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