Dance Titans Clash: SFX Tries to backhand Electric Forest Festival

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Dance Titans Clash: SFX Tries to backhand Electric Forest Festival


It was inevitable that someone would become sour as dance titans gained steam. Speculation buzzed today as the the blogosphere whispered about clashes between the two top contenders for an EDM heavyweight belt. Robert Silverman’s deep pocketed, SFX is foaming at the mouth in their drive to acquire anything and everything dance. It seem’s another group has the same idea in mind as nationwide, cross-genre, event producer AEG Live aquired Madison House this January (and in turn partnered with Insomniac).

Things really got hairy when Silverman and co. took action to buy the farm for Madison House/Insomnic’s Electric Forest Festival…. Litterally they have tried to purchase the farmland/resort where the festival takes place. Not sure if Robi S is just jealous of toys he can’t have but he sure is trying to rain of AEG/Madison House/Insomniac’s parade. Though SFX may be the big man on campus when it comes to dance, AEG is no small fry. AEG has filed suit to ensure tht the show does go on, and their lease is honored at the festival location.

Though the future seems hazy in the forest, they reassured twitter fans that the party is still on. Only time will tell as AED hit the courtroom trying to ensure the gates open on time.


Realistically the age of everyone working together has come and gone. The cash cow that is American EDM is still up for grabs. Though industry heros like Pasqualle Rotella, Gary Richards, and Ultra worldwide would be ideal candidates for US Chairman of Dance, their banks won’t make the cut. Luckly for us the boardrooms still have no idea how to track hipsters and their trends. If these giants want to tustle up top, we can live with that. Let’s just hope some focus group or algorythm doesn’t decide Paris should headline. For those of you who have already bought Electric Forest tickets, if all else fails do what the British would do: throw an illegal rave on the farm next door.

Source: Dancing Astronaut



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