SFX Returns From Bankruptcy With A New, Anti-EDM Approach

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SFX Returns From Bankruptcy With A New, Anti-EDM Approach

Remember when it all went to sh*t for SFX Entertainment earlier this year? Well they’re bouncing back and giving themselves a face-lift.

The company’s new boss-man, Randy Phillips, has confirmed they have a bright future ahead but will doing things differently. Firstly, and most obviously, the company has changed their name to LiveStyle.

Speaking on the company’s future with Billboard, Phillip’s says “every time I said the name ‘SFX’ to someone, I got this negative reaction – people would make the sign of the cross.”

With the change of a name also comes the steering away from that love/hate term, “EDM”, while maintaining that they’re “going to be a music company that specializes in electronic music”; suggesting the many festivals they run “will be broadened, more like Coachella.”

On top of this, Phillips confirms they will continue to run BeatPort, which itself has had a fairly bumpy 2016.

Do you think this is the fresh outlook SFX needed?

(Via FACT)


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