Pearson Sound – Raindrops Pt. I / II

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Pearson Sound – Raindrops Pt. I / II

Pearson Sound

Pearson Sound is known for his versatility, exploring diverse musical identities via his Ramadanman and Maurice Donovan alter-aliases. His latest 7″, appropriately named “Raindrops”, is evidence of an ever-evolving aesthetic. This truly experimental “beat-less” two-parter is the third release on his own Pearson Sound label. The minimalistic composition is both delicate and daring, uniquely Pearson, with a timeless quality that sets it apart from trending styles.

A leading presence in the UK dance music scene, Pearson Sound has played a set on the famous London Eye ferris wheel, lectured at Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid, and aside from owning his own imprint, he also runs Hessle Audio with Ben Thomson (Ben UFO) and Kevin McAuley (Pangaea).


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