Has DJ Snake Just Been Busted Stealing Beats?

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Has DJ Snake Just Been Busted Stealing Beats?

Update: Everyones chill with it, DJ Snake just didn’t exactly detail HOW the edit came about, tsk tsk.

DJ Snake may have just blown his cover as a legitimate producer. In what can only be described as a pretty shameful act of copyrighting, the Frenchman has uploaded a “remix” of Mercer x Prodigy’s ‘Breathe’… only problem is that is strikingly similar to a remix put out by Seattle’s Breaux – in fact, we’d go as far to say that it is identical, with a only few minor pitch changes, basic restructuring and additional drums distinguishing the two.

We don’t want to point fingers too early, as we’re not completely certain of the situation surrounding the two tracks (i.e whether Breaux may have some how got a copy of the mix from Snake and released it earlier), but as it stands Breaux’s version dropped four months ago, and Snake’s today…which is evidence enough for us.

This news doesn’t come as a surprise to some, as the reality of ghost producing and paying producers to make beats is becoming fairly common and accepted by some. Moreover, hosting sites such as Soundcloud and Beatport make it easier for up and comers to blatantly steal beats. However, we haven’t seen something this brazen from a such a big name within the industry. We hope that there is some explanation or reasoning behind the release, as these accusations arouse serious questions regarding DJ Snake’s integrity as an artist and severely damage his cred as a producer.

Take a listen for yourself and decide.

Breaux’s Bootleg –

DJ Snake’s Release –

Thanks to Do Androids Dance for the find.


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