DJ Snake And Lil Jon Are Getting Sued For ‘Turn Down For What’

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DJ Snake And Lil Jon Are Getting Sued For ‘Turn Down For What’

Three-and-a-half years on from it’s release, DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s popular collaboration ‘Turn Down For What‘ seems to have got them in hot water.

The pair are currently facing a hefty lawsuit due to a copyright violation of rapper Freddie GZ. The US based MC released a track of the same exact title in March 2013 – which currently sits just over 59,000 views on YouTube – months ahead of the DJ Snake and Lil Jon release that has a whopping 600 million plays and counting.

Naturally, Freddie GZ ain’t pleased. Although it is odd that he has waited this long to act?

Regardless, the lawsuit is here, and Freddie has spared no expense in calling in Richard Busch – who represented Marvin Gaye’s family in the ‘Blurred Lines’ case – to fight in his corner.

The lawsuit reads, “The striking similarity between the Original Work and the Infringing Works… when paired together with the timeline of events cannot be a coincidence.”

Have a listen to both tracks below, and see what you think. Is it worthy of a lawsuit or a bit of a reach?

(Via: DJ Mag)


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