Did Coachella’s First Headliner Just Leak Themselves?

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Did Coachella’s First Headliner Just Leak Themselves?

For us here at home, it’s hard to imagine a more anticipated lineup announcement than something as big as say, Splendour In The Grass, or maybe Laneway, or even FOMO. More and more frequently we see fake posters and lineup announcements getting posted online and in the street, which helps to build a huge amount of hype around an event. Perhaps the most hyped music event in the entire world though, is Coachella – and while you might expect that this is a post with first hints of the supposed lineup, this leak looks to be pretty spot-on.

DJ Snake posted to snapchat earlier today a photo of him in what can best be described as the Coachella filter, with a caption of ‘Coachella 2017’. It got taken down almost immediately, but not before some people had already screenshot it and posted it to Twitter. Of course.


So, barring some unforeseen circumstances, we can safely assume that DJ Snake is the first major headliner of Coachella. The rest of the lineup won’t be released for another few months, with the event itself going down in April of next year. It’s official though, the hype boat has left the port.



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