DJ Snake Plagiarism? Not Quite The Full Story

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DJ Snake Plagiarism? Not Quite The Full Story


Waking up to allegations of plagiarism is probably the worst way any legitimate producer could start the day . That’s the exact reality that DJ Snake woke up to this morning in Paris when accused of ripping of Mercers own edit of The Prodigy’s “Breathe”. The real story behind the glaring similarity is that Breaux had originally sent his remix to DJ Snake who acknowledged it’s merit but felt like he could rework the mix. DJ Snake then approached Mercer for the stems to allow him to do this and voíla you have Snakes own mix he had uploaded to Soundcloud… one in which DJ Snake felt had enough fans to justify a free download.

With backing both from Mercer and Breaux via their Twitter pages, I think it might be safe to say that this whole mess started from a minor oversight. DJ Snake completed his first ever Club tour on Australian shores. His talent and ability was evident here as it was in his performances with Major Lazer, GTA, Boys Noize at Pier 94 in New York.

He might be new to your radar but this guy began his career in 1999. And his track record and progress so far is nothing to turn your nose up at. DJ Snake has gone from strength to strength: In three years he went from record store salesman to resident DJ on a top rating Electro radio station (Radio FG) and taken just four years to garner his first Grammy nomination since his formal progression into producing music.

There have been plenty of examples of plagiarism in the current musical landscape and yes it is disappointing to music fans everywhere. But in this case, it’s definitely something that’s been blown out of proportion. Kudos to Mercer and Breaux though, nice to see their fans care enough to kick up a stink.

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