Watch: Building the disguises of Daft Punk

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Watch: Building the disguises of Daft Punk

Ever wondered how the two French bro-skies who liked to mix tunez became the ultimate superstar non-humans? A new mini-doco made for MixMag may shed some light on our confusions.

In conversation with Stage FX designer Tony Gardener, the vid takes the viewer deep into the robo closet and discusses some of the inspirations and ideas which now completely totally encase the duo.

Citing 1960s tripper sci-fi flick ‘The Earth That Stood Still’, plus the desire to be musical luminaries – literally, as prime inspirations, Gardener plays with shapes and metals to create the iconic helmets and body armour that constitute the other-worldly masquerade.

To help us not get too freaked out, we totes trolled the internet to find the boys in the flesh. Well, not naked. OK, initially we tried naked but then we figured de-robotised was enough. Check them and the video out below;







[via Pulse]


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