D.J Detweiler remixes Miley Cyrus – “Brecking Wall”

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D.J Detweiler remixes Miley Cyrus – “Brecking Wall”

D.J Detweiler is at it again with his criminal remix of Miley Cyrus’ “wrecking ball”. Featuring his trademark future-flute sounds from world renown remixes of TNGHT, Prodigy and Daft punk,  Detweiler wrecks our brain again with thisTRAP &  FLUTE-DROP banger. The genre affectionately known as “Trap & Flute Drop” (possibly the best flute related invention since the Poké Flute) could be just the facelift that trap music has been waiting for.

Although we still haven’t figured out much in the way of who exactly Detweiler is apart from his home-base being split between Spain and Berlin (of course), his remixes keep on getting better utilising the unique instrument of the flute. Derp.

Speaking of flutes, Deadmau5 really isn’t vibing on the more official ‘Flute’ track by Australian pair New World Sound, candidly commenting on the Youtube upload with;

Hi im a 16 year old producer looking to be a dj. Anyways… I can’t even hear any “flute” in this whole fn song anyway. Why is it called flute? why not call it *impossibly awkward articulations of some old soundfont of a flute made in the 90’s I found on the leet audiowarez site’ or whatever

Harsh. Harsh but true.



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