Gesaffelstein finally drops debut album ‘Aleph’ – Full stream inside

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Gesaffelstein finally drops debut album ‘Aleph’ – Full stream inside

Approximately 48 minutes ago, Gesaffelstein‘s debut album ‘Aleph’ finally dropped on iTunes. Out on Bromance, it’s probably one of the most-hyped techno/electro records of the year and we highly recommend getting stuck into the 14-tracker below if you haven’t already.

Arguably most-recognised for his work on Kanye West‘s ‘Yeezus’, Gesaff has also punched out tunes like ‘Control Movement’, ‘Depravity’, ‘Viol’ and his Lana Del Rey remix of ‘Blue Jeans’ that have all gradually worked their way into DJ sets around the world; not mentioning the first single off the LP ‘Pursuit’ and track #11 ‘Hate Or Glory’ – no explanation required for those two. We’re only a few months away from seeing the French producer in live mode as well; he’s bringing his so-far-unseen live program to Future Music Festival 2014 where we’ll hopefully be copping a full album rundown.

“The main idea of the album was to translate different styles with just one sound,” he told Mixmag last week. “It was really hard to do that. It’s exactly the same when you see a guy – he’s one guy but he can have several different emotions. That’s the best way to explain it.”


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