Five Things We Learnt From Diplo’s Reddit AMA

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Five Things We Learnt From Diplo’s Reddit AMA

Diplo has entertained us as well as provide us an insight into some pretty significant career moments via his one hour Reddit Ask Me Anything session. The former Philly school teacher who is known for his fairly consistent globe trotting tales spoke about Snoop Lion, Switch, working with Die Antwoord and Riff Raff, inspiration, butt sex, fat, booty and more. Here are five things we have learnt from Diplo’s AMA!

More recently he had to calm his fans who thought the recent Beibs track was his collaboration with the young tween star.

What was it like working with Snoop Lion?

was actually very game changing .. i learned a lot because it was the first album where we had a budget to do stuff .. i usualy just work day to day and dont have any one around to help me.. the film is very good to see what the recording process was like .. its on on vice

Speaking of which, is Switch still a part of ML?? Because i’ve heard otherwise. You seem like the guy who would know this sort of information.

He was never really coherent part of the group.. he taught me everything i know about mixing and about keeping ideas and making music as crazy as possible.. him mia and santigold were my first teachers

What’s Ninja from Die Antwoord really like? Does he stay in character all the time?

People ask me about that bout rif too. i dont understand because they are just like tht in real life .. ninja is really smart tho and he is an artists at hear and realy proud south african in a wierd way he is expressing that

How did you go from being a teacher to becoming a dj?

i think most teachers probably looking for better jobs.. it takes a special person to love teaching and to make it a life .. much respect for them.. i just dealt with so much crazy shit in central philly djing was more for me

How do you get inspiration for your beats? how would you describe your “x-factor” that we all love ?

sometime it happens on a plane.. maybe its the jack daniels in the lil bottles.. but theres nothing better then being in a room with other people that can bounce ideaas around and then somethign sticks and everyone knows it then u just go into overdirve.. thats how somethign like climax or paper planes got made

and as a bonus… two funny things!

Whats been the best thing you’ve gained since being famous?


Have you ever put it in a girls butt?

by accident maybe

Classic Diplo expressing himself. You’ll be able to catch Diplo in band form when he performs with his band Major Lazer at next years Big Day Out alongside Dillon Francis and Steve Angello.


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