Dash Berlin Responds After Being Arrested In India

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Dash Berlin Responds After Being Arrested In India

A slightly comedic situation has occurred in India with the existing authorities arresting trance producer Dash Berlin not at the end, but smack bang in the middle of his set on stage at The Sunburn Festival. Classic!

The grainy footage below shows a typically crowded and vastly confusing situation in which Dash is being ushered away and the crowd don’t appear too happy chanting for him. The whole fiasco that unfolds in the video turned out to be just for a regular check of his Visa to make sure he was allowed to work there.

Thankfully Dash took to Twitter shortly after to let his fans know that everything was cool:

“Thank you for all the heart warming messages and support, just to clarify I was questioned by the police as they needed to check my work visa was valid, everything was fine and I was free to go.”

What a gee up from the Indian authorities!


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