Motez – A Catalyst For Change In Australian Dance Music

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Motez – A Catalyst For Change In Australian Dance Music

This is not your average Australian dance music story. A Baghdad-born honorary South Australian coming from a largely non established electronic scene and war torn part of the world to help stew a melting pot of creativity that has invigorated fresh ideas for something that could be a lot bigger than we actually currently know.

We originally discovered Motez in early 2012 after his electro remix of Spenda C’s ‘Getting dumb’, but it wasn’t until 2013 when we fell in love with his new found musical direction after our writer Chris Jones posted his RnB and club house hybrid remix of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Like I love you’. Since then, Motez has gone from strength to strength releasing a string of successful and unofficial remixes followed by a well received EP release on Aussie label Say Wat, an Australian wide tour, an appearance on Rinse FM and finally an EP on Kry Wolf and Shadow Child’s (who is touring Australia this summer) label Food Music.

With a sharply inclined spike in popularity, we spoke to Motez to ask some burning questions and get behind the excitement.

What does it mean to you as a producer to be releasing an EP on Food Music?

It’s an honour for sure, I am a massive fan of both Shadow Child and Kry Wolf so to be on their label is a big honour. Even though Food Music is a relatively young label they have had amazing releases so far from the likes of Hannah Wants and Kill Frenzy

What song that you have produced do you feel resonates with your fans the most when djing across Australia?

I would say definitely ‘Ride Roof Back’ (see at bottom of post), people recognize it and know what the track is the moment they hear those chords. It might sound cheesy but I see more “hands in the air” when this track is played out of any tunes during my set. People actually request it in almost every set which is great

With a mix on Shadow Child’s Rinse FM show and a release on his and Kry Wolfs label, Are there any plans to work with either of these artists?

Kry Wolf have actually remixed my track “Call My Name” which was release last month on Aussie label Say Wat. In terms of working with them in the future, nothing so far but hopefully we arrange for something because, as mentioned earlier, I’m a big fan of theirs

Your music sits closely to the style of sound that label Dirtybird push so well. Have you approached or spoken to any Dirtybird artists about collaborating or releasing on the label?

I love Dirtybird. They are very consistent and they release quality stuff, one of the best labels in the world in fact. The label head-honcho Claude Vonstroke has actually played Ride Roof Back as well as Eats Everything, Justin Martin and J-Phlip and that means so much to me.

What’s coming up for Motez this Australian summer?

I’m joining Rüfüs on a lot of the dates for their album tour around Australia and I’m also planning the Ride Roof Back tour which will be happening in November and December. I will also be playing at Stereosonic in Adelaide.

Motez is a catalyst in the Australian dance music scene that has shifted the clubby and deeper side of house from a fringe movement to a mainstream proposition. With his tracks being played by if not the biggest tastemakers from around Australia and the world, his final statement of “There is more good news which I cannot disclose yet” is a sure sign of exciting things to come. Watch this space!


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