Motez is back with an impressive, club-ready EP

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Motez is back with an impressive, club-ready EP

Image: Daniel Marks

Adelaide’s finest, Motez has just dropped a new EP via Sweat It Out.

The 2-tracker, titled Late Thoughts is a mixture of Motez’s varied range when it comes to production, bouncing between atmospheric, electronica and club-ready heat. The first track on the EP, Visceral is a little left of what you might associate with Tez’s music, with heavy drum work and a dreamy chord progression laying the foundation for one of the more experimental releases on his catalogue.

Moving onto the second track, Roll Out sees Tez going back to his club roots, building a driving, dance-floor-centric jam off the back of a looping vocal. If you’re a big fan of Motez’s old work – perhaps the classic ">Ride Roof Back from 2014 – then this will certainly hit the spot.

Listen to his Late Thoughts EP below.


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