Madonna Talks Penis Bongs and Daft Punk

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Madonna Talks Penis Bongs and Daft Punk

In the midst of a strange and slightly disconcerting reddit ‘Ask me Almost Anything’ session, Madonna has revealed she would like to work with the roboteers Daft Punk.

The 55-year-old star, whom lists word play as one of her hobbies these days, stated that she was just, ‘waiting for them to return my call’.

We’re pretty unsure whether this would be a good match, although we’re feeling just generally a little bit uncomfortable about Madonna’s emerging penchant for EDM or the recent ill-timed release of her MDNA Live Tour album.

Although speaking of discomfort, here are some more gems quotes from the question session;

‘Brad Pitt and I were living together and there was a small child in the bed’ (when asked what her last dream was. Also what?!)

‘I have a fish and some cockroaches’ (on pets)


‘I got a bong in the shape of a penis’ (need she say more?)

Cue vision of Madonna and Daft Punk taking hits from the schlong.


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